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Using, you can preserve your privacy online while making coin transactions. This mixing service applies various algorithms to send your coins to your wallet making it impossible to track the origin of the funds and thus protecting your privacy.

Crypto currency mixers –

bitcoin mixer

A crypto mixer is a useful tool if your goal is to increase anonymity when working with crypto currency.

The principle of operation is quite simple – the user redirects funds to the addresses of the mixer generated separately for each new client, therethecoins are mixed with other transactions, and get into thousands of purses inside the instrument. And only after that updated coins go where originally planned – they are sent to a new addressee or they are returned to the account of the old owner. hides the tracks due to these parathion of funds when it is impossible to connect a particular sender and the recipient, and the fragmentation – one transaction is split into several small sums, hiding the true number of coins sent. charges a fee for its services. The fee starts from 0.5. Working with the service is similar to working with exchangers. You enter the address where the coins will go after mixing, select the commission, and press Continue. The next box will inform you about the address where you need to send the coins.