Best scenarios of marketing automation

Some marketing specialists often forget that customer acquisition isn’t the only way of business development and improvement of conversion. As well as to stop a campaign for the involvement of new clients and to address the tool which already exists in your CRM
program to the list of subscribers.

If you wish to use most effectively the marketing budget and to increase the conversion of the online store, just begin to convert the bigger quantity of leads, thereby you receive repeat orders and improve lifecycle of the client. Use proper tools like the one you can you can find if you check the site.

How to make it? How to increase conversion in the shop? By means of marketing automation. You can implement the following measures by means of only several clicks which will increase the conversion of users.


1. Don’t you know how to lift conversion? Welcome new clients!
The love, at first sight, happens not only at the cinema — in real life too. And between a brand and the client? Seldom.

And if you offer something that the client will at once fall in love with (as Tesla X) you will cope with the task. For this purpose, it is necessary to make efforts and to make an indelible impression from the very beginning, i.e. to use welcome email-campaigns.

You can apply welcome-campaigns for:

  • confirmations of data;
  • expressions of gratitude to clients for signing up;
  • representations of your brand or offer;
  • an acquaintance of clients with the most popular products or categories.
  • It is no secret that an conversion for welcome-campaigns is four times more, than for other types of email campaigns.

If really looking for methods of increase in conversion of the online store, what stops you from the implementation of welcome campaigns? Express gratitude, tell what expects your clients in the near future and prepare conditions for the increase in conversion.