Unwanted plants

Weeds are those extra plants that you find in the ground while gardening. Weeds are plants like crab grass; dandelions are regarded as weeds. Simply put, many plants that you like can also be considered as a weed because they grow wild. That is they grow where there were not planted or not supposed to grow.

Those who maintain their gardens and want to keep their lawns neat and clean throw out the weeds. There is hardly anyone who wants to keep weeds. Weeding is an important process in gardening.


Weeds are plants which are aggressive and invasive in nature. They take over your garden by spreading their roots and growing over plants which exist. In short, they will eventually draw the nutrients in soil and kill all other plants. Weeding is thus needed to uproot the weeds. Weeds can’t be casually thrown to the side as they may take root easily. Weeding is a process which has to be carefully planned and executed.

When weeding, pull the weed out by the roots. A good technique is to grab the plant and pull it out by roots. Don’t let the roots break. Don’t simply pull out the leaves. The entire plant has to be pulled out.

It is better to pull out the weeds during rainy season. They can get pulled off easily when the ground is wet or moist. If you need to do weeding in summer when it’s not raining, then make the ground moist or wet.

If you spot baby weeds while you are out in the garden, then pull them out immediately. Don’t let them grow. Use gardening tools for the stubborn weeds. Weeds don’t always come out by hand. To clean them completely from the ground, you can use a hoe for the tough ones which have taken root. A gardening trowel is fine for the freshly grown or baby weeds.

If you have paving stones in the garden, you will find the weeds growing in between them. You can use instruments like the screw driver to reach in between the pavers to pull out the weeds. Another good way to prevent the weeds from spreading is to pull of the heads of the weeds.

Once you have pulled out the weeds, ensure that there are no empty spots where the weeds can take root. A good way to prevent them from growing is to spray herbicides or weed killers.